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Cherish - Stop Calling Me

When I first met you I could tell you were trouble right from the start.
Cherish I walked past you turned your head.
While your girlfriend was standing there.
Stop Gave you my number just cuz I was in a hurry, that's when it all began.
Calling Damn how'd you become my man.
What am I to do.
Me You telling everybody that I'm your boo.
Ooh that ain't cool.
Songtexte Why can't see I'm not felling you.
Even if I threw a hint you.
Songtext Know girls just like attention.
But they don't like when you keep calling and calling and calling.
I can't take what you doing to me.
Boy why is it so hard for you to see.
Lyric If you keep calling trying to holla.
There's no need.
Liedertexte To keep calling me, so stop calling me.
You be calling 3 and 4 times in a row.
Liedertext If you can't reach me on my cell.
You call my home.
Alle How many times do I have to let you know, to stop calling me.
Cherish Boy quit calling me, quit calling me.

[Verse 2]
Now it's getting ridiculous and I'm about to lose my mind.
Stop Cuz when I changed my number.
You called and got it from my Mama.
Calling Ooh now you tripping boo.
Why hold on when I don't want you.
Me You find another girl who'll love to put up with you.
Songtexte What am I to do.
You telling everybody that I'm your boo.
Songtext Ooh that ain't cool.
Why can't you see I'm not felling you.
Lyrics It was not your swagger.
Not your game that doesn't bother me.
Lyric But it does when you keep calling me, calling me.

[Chorus] Liedertexte

grOetjes ,, Emily .x.

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