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Emilie Autumn - Ever

I've been racing for you honey
But you take your love
From under my feet
The very moment I arrive
I hold the invitation in my hand
You smile and I don't understand
When you tell me the writing ain't yours
You were the one thing I could count on
Even if your apathy was what I expected
Oh darling I waited and waited to feel your footsteps
And to hear your breath
But maybe I just wanted someone to wait for

You were ever in my mind
You were behind my soul each time
I held it to the flame
You were ever in my precious thoughts
I'd leave a room of angels
Just to be alone
If only to say your name
I never told you I needed you darling
Like a rose needs the rain
How could you possibly know how much
So I reach for your love
Like the moon and the stars
Ever in my sight
Ever out of touch

There's a spotlight of a holy kind
Think it comes from somewhere
Up in the sky or from some far off lovely place
But this light never ever ever shone on me
At least as far as I could see
So I sat in the dark and I watched you
Now I just cry to myself
When there's no one around
And I teach myself to walk backwards
Out of any given situation
Yes I can be graceful and try
Not to step on my train and
You don't have to say goodbye
But I'll be right here if you want to

Now I could paint your portrait
If I never saw you again
When I am old someone may ask me
If I ever loved
And I will speak but they won't recognize
My words, they'll say I'm telling lies
And maybe I am
Maybe I am
All I know is


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