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a balladeer - All I Wanted

you rave on about a car drive
somewhere out in Germany
you had dinner near some river
like you can't get that with me

and it all sounds so familiar
I make sure to bite my tongue
it's done nothing else but trouble
kind of like our song

and all because

all I wanted was
the best of both of us

this must be what Robin felt like
who'd have thought I'd fit his shoes
how I'd smirk inside your T-shirt
after he had called for you

I've been him in that hotel room
when I took it as a no
now I'd rather be in Hamburg
putting up our breakfast show

and all because

all I wanted was
the best of both of us
all I wanted was

for us to get across
for things to be like then, out there on the road
for my mediocre jokes to work again

we can leave tonight –
I'll drive us past the wood
just sit there being beautiful
while I'll be good

hell, I'll be good

all I wanted
all I wanted was

I'm telling myself it's all for the better

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