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Cameo - She's Mine

Look, excuse me, sir, but I do believe
The lady arrived with me

It's her style, smile, charm and poise
It's the fact she attracts noise from the boys
They try to get in touch to rap those lines
But she's too smart to let them beat my time
She's mine and I love it when she touches
Makes cold chills run down my spine
Mine, I don't know how she does it
But she gets her man every time
Now, she's not responsible when you pass out
And she won't be around when your money runs out
'Cause a love like hers packs a mean punch
She eats guys like you every day for lunch
Now the girl is sweet, she's not mean
But it's obvious, though, that I'm handlin' things
And if you wanna know what this is all about
I'm tellin' you fellas there is no doubt, she's

Mine (Whoo)
I'm tryin' to make you realize she's
Don't come on to her with those goo-goo eyes
As bittersweet as bittersweet can be
There's only one qualified, and that's me

Now let me explain, she's just like me
A professional person with a master's degree
From the school of hard knocks fraternity
Alpha phi beta sigma C
The graduating class of Cameo
So, to all my friends, if I may say so
Let's all get up and go-go you know?
Yee-haw (Woo)
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho
Can't you see she's M-I-N-E?

She's mine
Boys, boys

Well, I came up with one reason, to rap the guys
And to spread the word with my fellow alumni
Let it be known that we're a positive group
With a taste for adventure an eye to you
So I hope I made it plain for you to see
My distinguished colleagues and their masters degrees
In the sovereign field of sociology
On the dance floors of America from sea to sea

Mine (Yeah, mine), ho
To make you realize she's
Mine (Hee)
You can't take the girl 'cause she's (Oh)
There's only one qualified and that's me

All mine
Yeah, hey, hey
Ooh (Woo)
Mine (Woo), ooh
Don't come on to her with those goo-goo eyes

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