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In fear and faith - No Chance (Of Walking Away Without A Scratch)

We all can't be innocent,
so please don't make me tell you again.
Changing the rules, just so you can win,
fool me once, it won't happen again.
I called you my own, my better half.
I've been betrayed,
now there's no chance to save our past.
I now know,
as hard as may, try I know...
I can't take this anymore,
this is all a lie.

You say these words I've heard a thousand times,
denying the truth I can read between the lines, the lines.
Too many secrets, I'm running blind,
I'll find my way out, of here, of here,
and now it's time you disappear.
You lift me up and throw me back down,
and again, and again, and again.
You ask for this,
it comes to an end.
Walk away, walk away,
walk away.
This is my choice,
my choice,
I'm breaking out

The stars up in the sky, won't shine so bright tonight
as I'm running with all that I have, and all I have is might.
The stars up in the sky, won't shine so bright tonight
and I'm running with all I have, all I, have.

I'll regret this one later,
when theres no chance in leaving me.
I'll regret this one later,
when there's no chance of walking away without a...

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