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Angie Stone - Keep Your Worries`

[Angie Stone]
Ooooooh-ooooooh (uh mm)
(mmm) Ooooooh-ooooooh (uh mm, keep your)
Yeah yeah, my brother Guru
and Angie Stone (ooooooh-oooooh)
and DJ Scratch (yeah mm mmm)
Uhh Guru, and Angie Stone
{*Angie Stone keeps harmonizing*}
Chorus: Angie Stone
Keep your feet, out my shoes
A nigga like me done paid my dues
Keep my comb, out your hair
Unless you bout ready to take it there
Keep my name, out your mouth
Until you got somethin worth talkin bout
Keep your hands, to yourself
Cause I belong to someone else
It`s the, G-U-R-U, once again settin it off
Lettin it off my chest plus, bettin it all
Record sales, awards, accolades I`m, gettin it all
Mad chips, right above my grip I`m, lettin `em fall
Who said the G-O-D wasn`t comin to do his thing
Who said the industry, wasn`t gonna bow to this king?
I paid dues stayed true so I, made it through
If you handle your B-I fly guy you can make it too
Your potential is infinite, be wise visualize witness it
Why waste your time focusin your mind on limp shit?
Angie understands me, and Scratch got my back
So keep away from the fire, burnin desire, yo we got that
I`ve never been a,
stranger to struggle gotta maintain my hustle
Used to let the anger bubble
These streets can bring mad danger and trouble
And I can do bad all by myself
Do me a favor - don`t be concerned about my wealth
If you`re one of my peeps, you`re gonna know that
But if I ain`t feelin you player, huh
My face is gonna show that
So keep your eyes off my pockets
Don`t be surprised if I cocked it
Can`t outslick a can of oil, you never spoil my profits
See how I`m flippin this here?
Things are different this year
Ain`t got no time to listen to niggaz
that be trippin this year
Cause and effect, I always get, applause and respect
When I rhyme, universal laws, truth and righteousness connect
[Angie Stone]
You see the knowledge that I`m kickin`s for you
And there is nothin that another can do
Try to stop me but I make it through
Recruitin angels as a warrior I`m true
People need people, it`s true
True pride will sustain
In order to do what I do I can let you live
with me inside my brain
Chorus w/ variations
I`ve been tellin you, that there`s war out here
And I`ve been tellin you, that there`s more out here
So stop limitin your thoughts
Stop reconstructin your plots
It`s more than luck it`s an art
No more, duckin from NARC`s
Haters stay at a distance, haters keep away from my fam
Haters stay in my business, haters still playin this jam
Mad Wisdoms, reflect the light of this man
Some jealous rappers, tried to pick a fight with this man
But despite all the nonsense, and false pretense I bomb this
Peace to those I get along with, my real nigga I`m strong with
And never get me twisted with no wack shit
And all that foolishness you was kickin, heh
I know you wanna take it back kid
Chorus 2X
[Angie Stone]
Uhh.. Guru.. check it
DJ.. Scratch and Angie
Uhhhhh, ooooh yeahhh yeahhh
{*Angie harmonizes and scats to fade*}

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