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3LW - Playas Gonna Play

The hitmaker
The playas gonna play
Them haters gonna hate
Them callers gonna call
Them balers gonna bal
I don`t know

I, I don`t mind
What people say you do
But I, I do mind
What you believe is true
You are the only one
Getting all my love
`Cause what they do
ain`t nothing new

Playas they gonna play
And haters they gonna hate
Balers they gonna bal
shorty callers they gonna call
that ain`t got nothing to do
with me and you
that`s the way it is (2X)

So I call friends
Don`t wanna see me with you
Behind your back
Calling my cell and pagers to
No matter what they do
I will stay true
Only to you (2X)


I want you to know (I want you to know)
I`ll never let you go (I`ll never let you go)
We gonna talk about
Anything you hear
`Cause I now that it ain`t true
You can trust my love (you can trust my love)
And I can trust yours too (and I can trust yours too)
Our love will be forever, yeah.

La la
Blue women
They gonna bal shorty
They gonna play shorty
That`s how they do shorty
We`re coming through shorty
The hitmaker shorty

Playas gonna play

Chorus (3X)

Playas gonna play
Haters gonna hate
That`s the way it is
That`s just how it`s been

Playas, and haters (2X)

Playas gonna play
Haters gonna hate
Balers they gonna bal
Callers theyg onna call

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