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Ian Parker - Where I belong

I run my hands across the soil
I feel the rain upon my face
Deny myself through endless toil
I wonder whether I can hold the pace
Seeking thrills to make it real
Keeping the truth far from my door
Pins in my skin just to prove I can feel
Numbing the pain to keep from hitting the floor

If only I could find my way
To the place where I belong
As thunder crashes up above
Electricity invades the skies
Burdened by unspeakable love
And tears which can't escape my eyes
Feeling far from this world I walk on
I raise a hand up to the heavens
Send a bolt my way the time has come
And I'd do anything to feel a connection

Loving her is all I've known of true feeling
Plugging in and finding that I have something to give
But if I'm patient and hold out in hope of change
Do you think I'll see it before the passing of my days

I bite down hard on the hand that feeds this
Disturbance within my mind
Hoping that the darkness won't be missed
And I can work it all out in time

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