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Toni Braxton - How Many Ways

Must have been heaven sent to me
Cause I never knew love like this
You know you make me feel
So good inside and boy, it`s a feeling I just can`t hide
And baby words can`t express my gratitude
For each and every little thing you do
I want you to understand
You`re all the man
That I love and I know that I need and I want and more
Baby let me count the ways
How many ways, I love you
Let me count the ways
How many ways, I love you
Let me count the ways

You know you`re so very special to me my baby
I`ll never let you go
When I`m with you
I feel so free I could count
From 1 up to 99 and still believe
Although sometimes now baby we disagree
There ain`t never or will ever be another love for me
And I want you to know I appreciate
All the things that you do when you do what you do for me
Darling let me count the ways


1, 2 I love you
3, 4 So much more
5, 6 I can`t get enough of this
7 Let me show you my love and take you to heaven
8, 9, 10 Let me start love over and over...again

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