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Toni Braxton - You Mean The World To Me

If you could give me one good reason
Why I should believe you
Believe in all the things that you tell
I would sure like to believe you
My heart wants to receive you
Just make me know that you are sincere
You know I`d love for you to lead me
And follow thru completely
So won`t you give me all I ask for
And if you give your very best to bring me happiness
I`ll show you just how much I adore you
Cause you mean the world to me
You are my everything
I swear the only thing that matters
Matters to me
Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, cause you mean so much
To me

Now it`s gonna take some workin`
But I believe you`re worth it
Long as your intentions are good
So good
There is just one way to show it and boy
I hope you know it
That no one could love you like I could
Lord knows I want to trust you and always how I`d love you
I`m not sure if love is enough
And I will not be forsaken
And I hope there`s no mistakin`
So tell me that you`ll always be true


There`s a feeling in my heart that I know I can`t escape
So please don`t let me fall
Don`t let it be too late
There`s a time when words are good
And they just get in the way
So show me how you feel
Baby I`m for real
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby


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