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Toni Braxton - Best Friend

Oh, I remember on the 4th of July
That`s when I learned it was true the stories of taboo
How could you do it if your love was true
And still want to be in my life and make no sacrifice
Now you come and tell me that you`re really sorry
And ask to be in my life again
Oh no there`s no way to begin or start love over
Oh no lovemaking will there be here tonite
Oh don`t you sigh
Or come cryin` on my shoulder
Should`ve thought about the consequences then
You and my best friend

Oh I recall the pain it hurt so bad
I didn`t have the strength to live but I was just too young to die
See I have had my heart broken before
But never like this I admit it baby left me feeling scorned
Now the love inside my heart is fading
The trust of my man and my best friend betrayed


How could you do that to me
And tell me that our love would always be
Always be


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