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702 - Finally

Verse One:
I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t see,
I couldn`t think, I could not believe,
How good it felt when we touched.
I couldn`t fight, I couldn`t try,
I couldn`t hide, I could not deny,
That lightning can strike more than once.
Finally I know anything is possible,
Finally I know that some things are beyond our control.
Finally I know all is fair in love and war,
Finally I know there`s no need for keeping score,
No need to worry.
Verse Two:
I didn`t see, I didn`t want,
I didn`t need, I did not recognise,
That love was there inside your eyes.
I didn`t say, I didn`t act,
I didn`t complain, I did not resign,
But something happened that felt so right.
I was so amazed by the magic that I found in you,
I can`t describe it but I know that I like it,
What you do.
Repeat Chorus
Finally I know that life has a gaurantee,
That nothing tastes the same,
And everything must change.
Finally I`ve come to realise,
There is a reason for every season.
Repeat Bridge and Chorus
Repeat Chorus to fade

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