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702 - Gotta Leave

Verse One:
You got me pulling my hair,
From all your fussin` and fighting.
And you came into my heart,
And you was not invited.
Boy who you think you are,
With no invitation.
I heard about boys like you,
I just didn`t know what I was facing,
What`s your occupation?
Why you ruining me?
Why you do, why you do,
These things to me,
Who are you, who are you,
Being mean to me?
I gotta go, gotta leave,
Why you do it to me?
Why, why, why you do it to me?
Verse Two:
Now I`m too young to be stressed out,
But you don`t know what I`m feeling.
Boy I done had it with you,
I`ve had it up to the ceiling.
I tried to work it out,
But I can`t deal with the heartache.
I know `bout boys like you,
But you learn from your mistakes,
And you was a mistake.
Repeat Chorus
You must get out,
Hold up wait a minute,
You could prevent it.
I know what you are all about,
I knew from the beginning,
So I guess now you`re finished.
Repeat Chorus to fade

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