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702 - Get Down Like Dat

Verse One:
New in the neighborhood, looking good to me,
She`s by your side, I can`t deny,
Got to know your name.
You turn around, you see me,
Now I think its love I`ve found.
My friends think I`m crazy,
But I don`t care cause baby,
I get down...
I get down like dat,
Be like dat,
I won`t fret,
She`s no threat to me.
(It may seem wrong, it`s all about what I want and sometimes...)
Can I be like dat,
It`s on like dat,
I`m gon` get ya,
If I like what I see.
Verse Two:
Your on my mind I think your fine,
But your with her (And I don`t care),
Can`t let you get away.
I want you just because she pulls you,
Turns you, trys so hard to take your eyes away.
It`s too late and you know it,
`Cause I got you in a daze,
I get down...
Repeat Chorus
Tell me am I wrong,
To go for what I like?
When she holds you tight,
You want me, it`s only right.
And I don`t care,
Her name`s not stamped on you,
That means she don`t own you,
I`m gonna make you mine.
Repeat Chorus to fade

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