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702 - No Doubt

We gotta get down,
To what it`s all about.
See I want you,
And that`s no doubt.
Verse One:
I can tell you noticed me,
Only because I noticed you.
Walked through the crowd to get your name,
And to give you mine too,
`Cos we gotta get down...
Repeat Chorus
Verse Two:
We don`t have to talk about,
All the things we`ve been through,
Just as long as you respect me.
Get to the point don`t mess around,
Let`s talk about how feel now.
I just wanna know,
If we could take this thing that we feel,
To a level where love is real.
Take it slow so we can last,
Look to the future forget the past.
Repeat Chorus to fade

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