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Christian Kane - Oklahoma state of mind

Six pack
20 minutes to the show
Wet roads
Heavy loads
Runnin' lotsa friday nights
The boys are in the back
With a bottle and a steel guitar

Hollywood sunset
Haven't seen the worst yet
Singin' songs at the top of our lungs
Smackin' everybody's hands
As they're slidin' through the alley
And we drive into the local bar

Well, rain or shine
Yeah, man
We're in an Oklahoma state of mind

Pop stars
Porn stars
Sixty thousand dollar cars
Hollywood women with the venom still in 'em
They got my TV rights
Your dirty cosmopolitan and wine

We got nascars
Strip bars
American made cars
Country rockin' women now to get up and get 'em
We got budweiser beer
Jim Beam
Tequila and lime

Well, everybody's got their own definition of just their kind
Not me
I'm in an Oklahoma state of mind

Well, don't be scared of the rhythm
You can dance to this just fine
Yeah, put yourself in an Oklahoma state of mind

When the hollywood nights come then here I'll stay
And there's a big attitude in dallas way
Well, I say O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A!

Now don't be scared of the fiddle
You can dance to this just fine
Get yourself in an Oklahoma state of mind

Cut off T-Shirts and leather mini skirts
With the big armed boys and red, red girls
Cowboy hats and tony lama's
Crimson and wine

She got it if you don't write
You're jeans aren't too tight
And it ain't my fault she caught
You out here tonight
Trustin me to force 'em in
And getting' me to get it all night
Well if you nip off again
You might get knocked on your behind

Sweat Boy
Yeah, man
I'm in an Oklahoma state of mind

Well they're stringin' beers
And we'll dance on into the night
Put yourself in an Oklaho- ha-ha ooh

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