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The Dubliners - Back In Durham Gaol

Back in Durham Gaol
(Jez Lowe)

I'm a poor man as honest as they come
I never was a thief until they caught me
The judge said he sowre me hands were red
No matter how I'd pled he found me guilty
There was no bail, I'm of to Durham Gaol
I'm going and nothing now can save me
Calamities they always come in threes
And that's how many months it was they gave me

And it's no never in the livelong day
Will you find me back in Durham Gaol
No never in the live long day
Will you find me back in Durham Gaol

'Twas a grey day when first I went astray
The devil takes the man who came to tempt me
For in no time me life was one of crime
And now you see the trouble that it's got me
There are four bare walls at which to stare
Me food and me lodgings they are paid for
You can't see the turning of the key
To hear the turning that is all you wait for


Oh it's sad to say that here I am to stay
With only iron bars around to lean on
I get a cold bath to dampen down me wrath
Though it's barely just a month ago I had one
God knows I need a suit of clothes
You'd think they could found a one to fit me
Me boots would be fine if they were both a nine
I'm walking like a fall of stones had hit me


And I'm sure that me mother's heart would break
To see me in a state of such repentance
I'm glad she's not around to see
And I'll be out before she finishes her sentence
The sun will shine, I'll leave it all behind
Knowing I've done me time and done me duty
Then out of the gate on the narrow and the straight
To the place where I've buried all the booty


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