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Ro Danishei - Michelle

Wrathschild na na

I'm not strong enough
To keep both of us up
You're bringin every one down with you
And the truth is sometimes tough
Gave you nothin but
The purest of my love
Led me into your house of mirrors
Just to fuck me up

You think you've won with your kind words
To my face
You've hid the gun, played it off like a
Suicide case
So I say
You need some serious help
Hope you know you put me through hell
Don't care for anyone but yourself
I really do wish you well
Just let him go, go, go, go, go, go, whoa

I don't think you see
All the damage you've done to me
You left my heart covered in lacerations
Didn't you see me bleed?
I don't think you know
I figured you out long ago
I kept an eye on both of your two faces
And let me tell you it was quite a show

Manipulated all of my loved ones til we were through
Livin a life that you stole from your baby
And you had the balls to say that I used you


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