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Ro Danishei - Baby Doll

You got me
Wrapped up in a box
With a bow on top
You got me
Iced out, lipstick pout
Never let me out
You got me
Dolled up, minty fresh
Always look my best
You got me
High up on a shelf
Hidden from the rest

Don't wanna be your baby doll no more

I wanna get dirty
Wanna get messy
Wanna get to the dance floor
Play with the boys
And tear up my dress
I just wanna be a real girl
Use my lips to flirt and kiss
That's what I got a mouth for
Don't wanna be your baby doll
No more, no more

Ba-a-a-a-aby doll, do-o-o-o-oll
I got you
Figured out in about
One or two weeks tops
I said I gotta get the hell out
Like runnin from the cops
Just leave the keys to my vette
I'm rollin' back up to the bu
Find another lover mother fu-oh
Watch what Ima do

Don't wanna be your baby doll
No more, no more


You dress me up
You make me talk
You never thought that I would walk
I just broke out
I'm at the club
Lookin hot just like you love
Just like you love, just like love


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