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Consequence - On My Own

[Verse 1 - Consequence]
At times, I used to wonder
Why there’s nothing in my wallet
Til I accept the faith like Ms. Wallace
That life is like Creflo speaking at a college
So listen up or you might miss the dollars
This is it, I promise
Anyhow, I don’t get tip-top honors, then
At least save my spot at the hip-hop honors
And let’s be honest: we don’t need a lie detector
Don’t try to make a scene like you was once my investor
You never believed so you ain’t gotta lie to Dexter
But that’s exactly where the blame starts
Cause they be throwing dirt like
Lebron before the game starts
But King James couldn’t take me off the throne
Cause when it comes to rap
I do this on my own

[Hook - Kid Cudi]
I can do it on my own
I don’t have to listen to your lies (forever)
Your lies (forever)
I been moving on my own for some time now
So I gotta say goodbye (forever)
Goodbye (forever)

[Verse 2 - Consequence]
When you on the road to the riches
And you get to where the road stops
The people in your life are either
Shortcuts or roadblocks
But one thing you can count on
When you encounter a hater
They say waddup now
Then talk about you later
But if I try to cater and connect
Myself to y’all
You still will have a hang up
Like a disconnected call
Trying to please you all is
Something I’ve outgrown
Cause when it comes to rap
I do this on my own
[Hook - Kid Cudi]

[Verse 3 - Consequence]
The same homies who I thought were my support system
Got the nerve to judge me like the court system
But what drives me like the valet section
Is knowing that the game is so vile and wretched
That you can’t even let your guard down
For a second and that keeps me on my toes
Like Ballet lessons. So a school transfer
Couldn’t get me out my zone
So when it comes to rap
I do this on my own

[Hook - Kid Cudi]

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