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Iwrestledabearonce - Next Visible Delicious

What a glorious day
Open your books up to the first page
Raise your hands to the sky
Close your eyes before you cry and sing
(we are the good, we are the bad, keep your demons at bay)
Can you hear the stampede march on?
Organized filthy chaos
The workingmen dance in matching suits
Live and let live
Separate the church and the state
Before our world breaks
These colors will run, when the earth's had enough
She'll open her mouth and consume us like dice
When it all comes to an end
I can feel my feet sink into the earth's edge
Dirt is to saliva
Rock salt is our faith
Trees are the reason we breathe, grass is teeth
In harvest, in molting, in ovulation, we are reborn
Live and let live
Separate the church and the state
Like elevators, we're going down

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