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FM Radio - Lead Me Home

Let the rain come wash away
Trembling fears and toiling days
Let the river overflow
And lead me home
Lead me home

I am the sweet hush morning calm
I am heavens open arms
I am a thousand winds that blow
Lead me home
Lead me home

All these roads I’ve traveled on
Lead me back to where I’ve come
And I know I’m not alone
They lead me home
Lead me home
I will give my love to you
Like fields of flowers sweet perfume
And like the gleam of fallen snow
Lead me home
Lead me home

Do not weep, I am not gone
Feel me in the rising sun
Through the valleys wide and low
Lead me home
lLad me home

When the darkness overcomes
Just remember all my love
And when you know it’s time to go
I'll lead you home
Lead you home

We all exist in everyone
Memories of the world we spun
I am ready, rock me slow
And lead me home
Lead me home

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