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Ava Max - Whatever

There’s a space in my heart
When it all comes crashing down
Anytime I hear your name out in public
There’s a place that I go
Every time that you’re in town
It’s just me
And the knots in my stomach

And it’s true
It wasn’t easy
Getting over you
But that’s just what I had to do

Whatever, whatever
We were never good together
I’ll be here
And you stay there
Truth is I never cared
Whatever, whatever
Two years that ain’t forever
I’ll be here
And you stay there
Won’t see me cry no tears
Nevermind, nevermind
Feels like you were never mine
Go lose myself
In the arms of a stranger
And yeah it sucks
Sometimes in love
You try your best but it doesn’t work out
But it don’t matter either way

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