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Garth Brooks - Much Too Young

This old highways getting longer,
it seems there ain´t no end in sight.
To sleep would be best
but I just can´t afford to rest,
I got a ride in Denver tomorrow night

I called the house but no one answered
for the last two weeks no one´s been home.
I guess she´s true with me to tell the truth i just can´t see.
What´s kept a woman holding on this long.

And the white line´s getting longer,
and the saddle´s getting cold.
I´m much too young to feel this damn old.
All the cards are on the table and no ace left in the hole
I´m much to youn to feel this damn old

The competition´s getting younger,
thougher bronx, you know I can´t recall.
Worn out tape of Chris LeDoux,
lonely women and bad booze,
seem to be the only friends I left at all.


Lord I´m much too young to feel this damn old

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