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3rd Storee - My Friend

[Lil'Man] (3rd Storee)
Ooh, aw yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh baby, aw yeah, oh
I never wanna see you girl my friend
(Girl my friend)
A year ago in school is where
It all began (it all began)
I walk you to the bus stop like everyday
And after then, we'd meet again, I'd feel OK
It came as a surprise
You were like one of the guys
Going to the crew (we'd all act a fool)
Then one day you came to me
(Day you came to me)
And I'm with you unhappy
But what should I do
How can I tell you

[3rd Storee]
1- I've been holding back so long
Thinking what I feel is wrong
Can't believe I feel in love
With such a friend of mine
You are everything to me
It's a shame I couldn't see
All the feelings rearranging
Right before my eyes

[Lil'Man] (3rd Storee)
I don't wanna take the risk of losing you
And if I have to keep it to myself
That's what I'll do
I get butterflies when I see you staring my way
Writing letters to myself to think of what to say
It's a feeling I can't hide (can't hide)
It's destroying me inside (inside)
My life is gone all week ‘cause I can't get no sleep
And the wayI look at you
Has got to catch the clues
And it's all to see
How you will respond to me

Repeat 1 (2x)

[D-Smoove] (Girl)
Hey, what's up Shanelle?
(Hey Smoove, what's up?)
Hey uh, can you keep a secret? (Yeah)
Cool, well uh you know Lil'Man
Got a big crush on you and all that
(Are you serious?) Yeah
(Well you know what, I gotta crush on him too)
Oh for real, well let me go tell him then

Repeat 1 till end

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