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3rd Storee - Party Tonight

R.L.: Uh-oh, somethin's about to happen, 3rd Storee
Yeah what's up this is RL with my boys 3rd Storee
We bout to make you dance with this one
You know what i'm sayin
Straight for the clubs
Yab Yum, Mookaman, Uh-oh
Yall ready... come on...let's go

Jay-R: This here's a story
So don't you dare laugh
3rd Storee's breakin out on dat...
Yes,it's time to have some fun
There's a party 'round the corner
You can go if you wanna
Stop on by, it's gonna be live
It's on tonight, it's on tonight

Chorus: In summertime when you feelin' right
And ya heard there's a house party tonight
You're gonna groove to da joints ya like
Everything's gonna be alright
Ladies short skirts wit ya weaves in
Dancin' real slow tryin' to tease him
Playas showin' off for no reason
Cause it's a party, come on

Lil'Man: Ladies lookin' so sexy
Slowly movin' to Laface and Jon.B
They don't know about this here, party
It's so hot but you don't mind
Cause you're havin' such a good time
Up the block, around the corner
Apartment 3-A, on the 3rd Storee
(Repeat Chorus)

Jay-R: Ladies and fellas
3rd Storee: Put your hands together
Jay-R: Everybody
3rd Storee: Put your hands together
Jay-R: 3rd Storee sang yeah
3rd Storee: Put your hands together
Lil'Man: Come on

Treach: I wanna, I wanna hear
Burmp, Burmp, Burmp, Burmp
Take a shake a party night in the pjs
Women in the denim, and food, drinkin' djs
Party for the genna-veesay
Slippin' money on her tummy
With her honey pushin' replay
Runnin' 3rd Storee in your city
Nineteen Naughty Nine
Absolute the flow
Will make ya feel me really
The yab is yummy
Takin' territories with 3rd Storee
Oh glory, you know, you know
My little naughty shorties

(Repeat Chorus Three Times)

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