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3T - Alright

Although I walk around town
With a big smile on my face
Sometimes inside I get down
Depressed and lonely
It's no particular thing
That gets me feeling this way
But now whenever I'm down
I stop and say

Alright, alright
Everything is alright
You gotta keep your head up high
And never give up
I'll be okay
Everything's gonna change
If I just keep my head up high
And never give up

I used to get out of bed
With thoughts of doubt in my head
They say I'm not good enough
Baby I'm not as tough
Well then I changed my beliefs
And now I believe more in me
Still may not be good enough
But I won't stop trying

(You can do it)
Remember to do your best
(You can do it)
Just give it your all

Whenever you're feeling down
Whenever you're feeling blue
Remember you've got a friend
The best friend you've got is you
Next time you need some control
And need to get back in shape
Just stop and take a deep breath
Smile and say
Keep your head up high
And never, never give up

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