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3T - I Appreciate

Do you remember the time
When i first met you
It was love at first sight
Lika a shooting star above
Girl i made a wish
Hoping we would tall in love
And here we are today
As we celebrate another year together
I love you more than yesterday
And as the time goes baby i just wanna say
I appreciate

Everything you do for me
And every time that you are there for me
That fact that you believe in me
Girl i appreciate you loving me
Those moments when my strength was gone
I couldn't quit cause you kept holding on
Today's our anniversary and i appreciate you loving me

To know you're here by my side
Is so beautiful i'll cherisch you forever
Nothing else will change my mind
Girl i'm stuck on you
Gonna spend my life with you yeah

Even when the days are dark and cold
Girl you're always there for me
Always by my side keeping me warm

Alone i'll never be again
Cause in you i know i've got a friend
And i appreciate

I want you to know that i appreciate you loving me
So i just gotta take this time to say i love you girl
I want you to know that i appreciate you loving me
From the bottom of my heart i love you

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