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4 the Cause - You Never Left Me Standing In The Rain

(To the life a second time yeah, yo)

Salling onward to a better time and place
Is something that everyone dreams
(dream on dream free yeah)
Do you know hat you’re on my mind
I dream of you every night and day
(I can try)

Every time I’d fall (you’d said)
Try it once again (come on yeah)
Before you walk you crawl
That’s the way it is ( that’s the way it is)

And ou never left me standing in the rain
And for you I would gladly do the same
(gladly do the same)
and you never left me standing in the rain

Twinkle twinkle little star (little star)
In the darkness shining so far away
(so bright so far away yeah)
time goes slowly but
the world is spinning round
(spinning real fast)
going faster to the very next day



Tell me please what happened to you
You need a buck I’ll give you two
I never want for you to fall
Like humpty dumpty from the wall
The sea is full of dying souls
That slipped and fell and lost control
Cross the bridge see the light
Never ending challenged flight

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