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The War on Drugs - Under The Pressure

Well, the comedown here was easy
Like the arrival of a new day
But a dream like this gets wasted
Without you

Under the pressure is where we are
Under the pressure, it's where we are, babe

You're the only one
Like an illusion

When it all breaks down and we're runaways
Standing in the wake of our pain
And we stare straight into nothing
But we call it all the same
You were raised on a promise
Found that over time
Better come around to the new way
Or watch as it all breaks down here

Under the pressure

Well the break down here
Stole it all the way across
I wanna climb down the river
Stranded on
When you come here and I'm wasted
Lying on a field
Dancing in the rain
Hiding in the back
Loosening my grip
Wading in the water
Just trying not to crack
Under the pressure
Yeah that's where we are, babe
Under the pressure

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