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I grew up peacefully in a small village in the easth of the Netherlands. Living the rustic life I always knew that the spirits had something more in mind for me. Wandering in my imagination, I would fantasise about saving the world, but most of all about finding myself. At the age of 12 I started writing poems. I stayed up in the middle of the night to write down the words. Not much later the poems became songs when I was 16 i went to a psychiatry. I almost gave up!

When I was 17 I finally found the guts to leave the save village behind to follow my dream. I went to Rietmolen an other place. Not only I got to help other people, I also found the freedom in myself. The wonderful people I met and the situations I got into inspired me to keep up the writing. I saw a whole other side of life in a good and bad way. It showed me to be more thankful and to enjoy the smaller things in life.

Though in my heart my family would always be there whispering all the good they had thought me. In the mean time music was always by my side. New songs were easily born as I found inspiration in everything. Still I was exploring who I wanted to be as a musician. It's strange how the right people reached out their hands in times I couldn't see my destination. No words can describe how thankful I am for meeting those people… even though most times the road was lonely. After some more travelling, illness and digging in lost feelings I now am 18 years old. I've learned from the past, I know who I am now and I definitely know where I’m going!

Life is wonderful and challenging. I always get amazed by the lessons that are shown to me. I love life, all it’s ups and downs and the people I meet in it. I’m thankful for those who encourage me to sing and inspire me to write about love, life, appreciation... whatever crosses my heart. Music makes my world more colourful. I am proud of the gift to be able to express myself through music. It is my best remedy for everything. Unbelievable how something good can come out of some things that hurt so much. In the end I’m thankful for all the good ànd bad that comes my way. It makes us who we are and it's the best inspiration for my songwriting. I am on my way in many ways and this is what I have been writing about lately. I am now looking forward to chasing my dreams and just enjoying whatever I find on my road, to wherever I’m going... ..I wanna take you on my journey.

And now..... my first song "my own happiness" is about to find it's way into the world and my words will travel it's way around. It feels like I'm floating in a stream of water that is taking me closer and closer to where I belong. I will follow my music to where it's taking me. Through my songs I am sharing a piece of me with the rest of the world, hoping that my voice will reach your hearts, hoping that you will enjoy!

Love, Ilja

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