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Vertaling van: Andre Hazes - Waarom

Why, tell me why
Am I alone and always lonely?
Why, tell me why
Doesn't any single person first-name me?

I also don't have a woman
To help me or hang out with me
Why, tell me why
Do I have to live alone?

Oh yes, I have my job,
Earn my money, this is my life
It's everything, it's everything to me
But I'd be so glad to give something away
As long as I can't do it, I won't be happy
And I'll also stay lonely

Why, tell me why
Do I have to live alone?
I'm sitting here alone, no friends,
Where should I go? It makes no sense, anyway.

But believe me, I'd be so glad
To talk to you and dance the night away.
But such dreams never come true,
I'll always be lonely.

And yet, I still have hope
Because there's another morning coming
And if I make it, she'll come along
And then I'll always take care of her
And we'll start a family
Where I can live my life
Oh, come on, bring me luck,
Dear morning

Now I'm dreaming of it again,
I'm in love,
Oh my dearest, please tell me
Come close to me, give me a kiss,
I love you, this is what I'm supposed to do
But such dreams
Never come true,
I'll always be lonely