Vertaling van: Veldhuis & Kemper - Half Zo Echt

She is not really nuanced
She didn't go to college
She is not left or right oriented
Not widely interested
says words the wrong way
She is not really well-read
Doesn't think about what she says
She isn't someone who pushes boundaries.
Attached to many principles
And she also spells out badly

But she has the talent to laugh
About things other people don't even see
She has the talent to wonder
About things that are ordinary and yet they aren't
She has the talent to let herself go
Without ever, rarely or never, think about it

She rarely dresses to the trend
She never has a nice guy
Not spoiled with her posture
She never gets a compliment
But if you know her well, you will discover her talent

She has the talent to cry
About things that are too small for grief
She has the talent to protect
Where nobody sees anything of value

And she is the kind of woman, of which a man says
I wish my girlfriend, my love and sorrow, was
But half as real
But half as real



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