Vertaling van: Mike Boddé - Yolanthe

Mike, please take over please
I'm dizzy and befuddled and I'm shaking
Because of that lady in this magazine
She, I don't know if I describe it well
But there's something in her look and in her body
And her T-shirt is so wet
At night I wake up shaking with a beating heart
And wet sheets, I hope it's only from sweat
Did I catch a flu or is it Yolanthe
Who knows how to find me even in my dream

Yolanthe, Yolanthe, how beautiful you are
Every man dreams about
Laying with you in the hay
Yeah, yeah
Yolanthe, Yolanthe, you're such a thing
My soul-related, my sugary
You're bringing happiness

Imagine, you squeezed her against you
Oh, would she scream and beat
Or would she stand closer to you
Nothing ventured
Do those thoughts never end
Nothing gained
I wish I had a button in my mind
So I can be off for a while
Maybe you should go for it

Oh, every day I see her before me
That view of her scantily dressed
Promising me a hot night
So you trip constantly and you let everything fall
Always with that wet T-shirt in your head
In my head

Yolanthe, Yolanthe, you're such a blow
Oh, how jealous I am
At your future husband
Yeah, yeah, Yolanthe, Yolanthe, how hot you are
Unapproachable, but highly touchable
And scantily dressed

In a flash
In a flash
And a sigh
And a sigh
Yolanthe takes me with her
In a flash
At a trip
Through the sky
Through the sky

Oh, Yolanthe, Yolanthe, how horny you are
Even if I don't want it
Every time I am for the chop
Yeah, yeah, Yolanthe, Yolanthe, you're such a blow
From all sides
When will we see you for once



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