Vertaling van: Blof - Engel Voor Een Dag

Do you think it’s going to be different
When my angel leaves me?
Leaves me again in silence
Like the way she came
Like silver in my black
With only one thing on her heart

That she went crazy of longing
To stick around for a while
In the valley of my faith
She’s circling very sweet around my head
But she don’t let her catch her anywhere
She’s my angel for one day

Do you think that she would stay any longer
Her patience will exaggerate
Because it suits her?
Or that she take wings from my shoulder
Not too late but just any older
Like a bird who appals

Or just because without a reason
Without a future or a past
Again goes flying towards the sun
Where the end once started
She always calls that the present
She's my angel for one day…

She has just arrived
And I’m already afraid
Of the (empty) space in my bed
Because an angel never stays for long

As if it always was this way
Lies she next to me like a cat
And when she leaves it will be
As if I’ve never had something else
Than an angel for one day

I think it will become different
Because one day is way too short
For an angel to die
And the dust is the evidence
The silver is already slowly becoming grey
Even if she just painted it
But I can live with it
Because what is beautiful never lasts

That’s not long enough for me
Although I’m gladly that I secretly
Wrote her quickly down
My angel for one day…



  • Toegevoegd op: wo 28 mei 2014
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