Vertaling van: Blof - Hemingway

Beneath the sun
and a heavenly blue sky
streets wait for occupiers
or people who pass by from far
And I open my ears and try to figure out
of what I suspect it's existence
but know nothing for sure

Do you hear the town?
My heavenly addiction
Do you feel the breath
between dusk and the evening
I get lost every time

And the voice of the sea)
takes me home
I'm no Hemingway

beneath the moon and a starry heaven
women are waiting for their men
or the people that pass through

Give me my mojito, am I imagining??
of where I avenge the journey afterwards
and that I embrace my love
do you test the ocean?
my hiding heart
feels like air
between the dawn and the sun

I lose myself forever
and the sound of the sea
makes me return back home
I'm no Hemingway

and the voice of the ocean
takes me home
I'm no Hemingway



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