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Vertaling van: Jan Smit - Hoe Kan Ik Van Je Dromen?

Oh, I wait every night
for a falling star
I wish you'd come here and say:
'I'm very sad,
maybe it wasn't our time yet,
but you're belong to me'

For seven days already
I can't seem to fall asleep
recently I spoke to you at night
you cried on the phone
but it was just a dream

Because how can I dream of you
if you won't let me go to sleep
my nights are long
if you don't talk to me
I've spend hours staring
with my back against my bed
I just want to go to sleep
I want my dreams back

I'm lying in my bed again, it's like
the sun is dissapearing in my heart
it feels like it's winter season in there
oh, just come to me
end the pain and the cold
because I belong to you

But how can I dream of you...

All the girls I see
pale into insignificance
no other woman
can compare to you