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Vertaling van: Marco Borsato - Margherita

In the distance I hear a voice speaking
Which I remember from our fights/discussions
About small misunderstandings
About huge disillusions

And I hear the cold sounds
From your bated anger
But what else kan I do than whine like a baby
When I couldn't overlook this

In a haze I can hear you say
That you want to quit (give up)
That you want to take everything that I love
in this life, with you

And I listen to how your words
Slowly absorb in sentences
Which hit me like thunder
With destructive strength

This chill (cold) drives me crazy
And the feelings are frightening
But your words rumble further
And my eyes look interrogative

Why didn't you tell me earlier
That your were so alienated from me
Why did you speak of love
When you have never loved me?

I lose it from despair
And I feel my tears burning
And I wouldn't want anything in the world than
My head in your arms/hands

But what seem so safe
Untill only an hour ago
Is a terrible huge lie
And shows to be a the house of cards

It is as if someone else
crawled into your body
And I hadn't noticed
that it (=person) did
To erase your love
And collapse my world

Will someone, please, tell me
That I have dreamt everything?