Vertaling van: Marco Borsato - Vreemde Handen

I've listened to you with my ears shut
and I heared nothing special in your voice.
When you wishpered all those sweet words,
you probably were thinking of him.

I unconsciously layed next to you in bed
and I haven't felt any hesitation
when I saw your body moving without passion
because your passion was meant for someone else.

I lack the courage to ask you
whether this person stands between the two of us.
Even though I feel humiliated and betrayed
I'm just too frightened that you'll leave.

I have looked at you with my eyes closed
and I don't know if I still know you,
because my certainty has subsided the fear
that I'm actually just a stranger to you.

And that I had to strand in this lie
hasn't only left me baffled but also injured
because your body has been touched by the hands of a stranger
and there have been lips of stanger on your mouth.



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