Vertaling van: Marco Borsato - Muziek

She hears her son crying
Takes the baby on her lap
He's hungry, because there wasn't any water or bread today
This wasn't like her dreams
And those weren't even big
Yet, she feels happiness inside
When she comforts her little one
With her voice she takes him away from his hunger for a while
Without words, silent said

Sometimes I get lost, somewhere in the time
I lost the meaning of life for a while
And just with all these people around me
I'm feeling lonely, a little more lonely

But then, I hear the music, and it lifts me up
It drowns out all sounds of doubts in my head
And I know that, whatever may happen
If I stumble or fall, that I will soon stand up again

'Cause I always got my music!

He waves his hands through her hair
And he breaks because of her sadness
He really wants to comfort his daughter, but his words doesn't reach

Why should this happen?
Wasn't his wife much too young?
Then he remembers the song that she sang for their girl
And they both float away from their tears, for a while
To the sounds she knows

[Ali B]
It brings the people together, and it speaks every language
It gives us motivation if we're afraid to fail
It digresses us, when our thoughts are raging
But in another phase, it just gives us exstase

Now it's time to be chill
Now it's time to go crazy
Music helps me to be silent
Music helps me to get up
So if I'm down, I don't worry
I, know I shall conquer

'Cause I always got my music!

Yeah, throw your hands in the air
'Cause you're too cool
And stamp that feet on the floor, if you feel it
Set your mind free, Nothing should, anything goes
Hands in the air, 'cause we're gonna burn the roof!

I always got my music!
I always got my music!



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