Vertaling van: Clouseau - Dat Ze De Mooiste Is

In the room it is cold and quiet
I throw my jacket where it wants to fall
And hope in vain for salvation
At the answering machine

I shiver and turn the heating on
And see her again in thought
See the features around her lips
That makes her irresistible

And I wonder who is eating with her now
And pours her coffee but forgets the milk
Who brings the dishes to the kitchen
And thinks by himself that she is the most beautiful

I zap and leave it on an old movie
Mutiny on the Ocean
How simple life is
If you are called Marlon Brando

And I don't know who is resting in her arms now
And kisses the frightened look out of her eyes
Who gets lost in her labyrinth
But forever thinks she is the most beautiful

Ooh and I like to hear it
That in the end time heals all wounds
And I will ever regret that I'd bored everyone with my misery

I read her letter one last time
And I just abide by her words
That always makes me
Long for her voice again

And I wonder who is sleeping with her now
And hunts the spiders out of the room at night
Who puts his hand on her body
And gently tells her that she is the most beautiful



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