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Vertaling van: Tourist LeMC - En Route

Get on the way, that's how life called
I looked into her eyes and I grabbed them
I heard Johannes caressing her lips
That's how I got my first name
Get on the way, home
My first crew was formed with my brothers
Between knock and high five we share the blood
Unfortunately it's not as close as it used to be
Allow me, I'm going to gallop
I make my jump in time to where it becomes relevant
When I closed the door, went out into the world
To the streets, my junk, my destiny
Day by day to the rhythm of hip-hop
A few believed, most thought foolish
MC, infamous for famous
I became a Tourist, you may have heard of me already

On the way, on the way

I walked through streets and alleys in the night
Roads you avoid even in the daytime
Experienced punches and dodged a lot worse
Things that you would never not speak out loud about
My story, from Hollywood on the Scheldt
Between church and mosque, poverty and wealth
I didn't think cash was something to strive for right now
So I just became mister "the helper"
Bearer of fire, with the mission too focused
A message of love, do you remember "the confessor"
Old soul, young at heart, hero on paper
Not yet the shadow in real life
I chose a lot of names, got a lot of names too
And that's what we do it for
They call me the Ristou, city troubadour
I am the Tourist, you may have heard of me already

On the way, on the way

I have names that are private, unfortunately I can't share
Only she still makes me shy sometimes
Called a paljas by many and much worse
Rarely undeserved, repeatedly I did better afterwards
it's for sure
Always someone who wants to break my name
One seeker, another profit
I am falsely by friend and colleague
But I'm still here, number 1 hip-hop
In the colors of my city, sing "cheerio"
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground
That's why they call me the artist of the people
I've sung songs that touched hearts
But those here and there too, fed the anger
I'm an artist, singing is what I do
Tourist LeMC, you may have heard of me already