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Di-rect - All In Vain

It's you and her that hurt me
Now it seems all the laughter is gone
I remember the days going out having fun
Now my bitterness wakes me in the evening sun
I remember this all in vain

Summernights, drawn by the fire
All the embers where smoldering still
Now I'm lost in the cold

Wasted all I'd got
Taste the sour from my eyes
My face is raw with salt
Starving candles, dying light
Can somebody take me home

In our prime we prospered
Still I feared the rain coming down
I remember the nights, holding hands in the park
In our innocence, stirring up the passionate sparks
I remember the golden days

And we'd be drinking wine
Downing it fast, it is almost time
Almost time to let go

Gave it all I got
I'm in pieces, torn apart
How I know it is all my fault
Starving candles, dying light
Can somebody take me home

Can somebody take me home

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