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Marilyn Monroe - Let's make love

"All the gentle lot of conversation is deader than the dead sea scrolls
We've become the mutest kind of nation,
we're uncommunicating souls
Noone talks, noone talks!
It's something we seldom ever do
Noone talks, noone talks"

Noone talks but...you
Let's make love
"Here we sit and we chatter
What are we thinking of?
Let's not make with the patter
Baby, let's make love"

If you roar like a lion, I could coo like a dove!
If your SOLD BEGIN BUYIN', baby lets make love!
"Gosh, it's hot"
No, don't turn TV on,
instead just turn me on
I'll light up like neon
Just a tiny section of your affection
in my direction will do, ooh

"You'll just love my embraces 'cause they'll fit like a glove
We'll be off to the races maybe..."
Kiss me baby, let's make love
Don't just lay there.. honey do something..

Don't just contemplate me
prove that you don't hate me
Come on, ask you, late me...

"Maybe moonlight works with me,
come to groups with me,
lips to lips with me, do"

"You'll just love my embraces"
cause they'll fit like a glove
"We could get down to cases,maybe..."

Kiss me baby, let's make love
Let's make love

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