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The Rasmus - Swimming With The Kids

I can't deny the fact that you know me better than i do
It doesn't matter 'cos i know that you consider that i'm a fool
Better than best
But if you only tell me that you love me
I don't give a damn (swimming with the kids)
A sunny day 'n i'm feelign kinda guilty
If not going out
If not going anywhere
Go ahead if you wanna play dead
'cos i don't give a damn (swimming with the kids)
A broken heart can be fixed with love
Slow down, feet of the groun
Everybody can come around
Here i am in control
I know they won't let me down
Slow down, feet of the ground
Everybody can come along
Here i am, i'm swimming with the kids

Back to scene go mad with the groove
Yo if you miss it there's nothing you can do
Own fault if you think too slow
'cos i don't give a damn (swimming with the kids)
So if you really don't wanna leave the bed
I'll take a step back 'n let you play dead
I ain't sure what this song is about
But I'm sure i don't give a damn
Pick it up mr. love is on the line

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