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UB40 (D) - One In Ten

I am a one in ten a number on a list,
I am a one in ten even though i don`t exist.
Nobody knows me, but im always there,
A statistic a reminder of a world that doesn`t care

My arms enfold the dole queen,
Malnutrition dulls my hair,
My eyes are black and lifeless
With an underprivileged stare
I`m the beggar on the corner
Will no-one spare a dime
I`m the child that never learns to read
Because no one spared the time.


I`m the murderer and the victim
The licence with the gun
I`m a sad and bruised old lady
In an ally in a slum
I`m a middle aged businessman
With chronic heart disease
I`m another teenaged suicide
In a street that has no trees


I`m a starving third world mother
A refugee without a home
I`m a house wife hooked on Valium
I`m a Pensioner alone
I`m a cancer ridden spectre
That's covering the earth
I`m another hungry baby
I`m an accident of birth.


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