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B2k - Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas

See I bought you diamonds
And a brotha stop lying
I bought you Donna
Ralph lauren and procta
I know I made you leave
Got a brotha beggin please
Got a brotha on his knees
I bought you a two way
I even left Chantae
I won`t cheat again
I need you my friend
All a brotha want for Christmas
Is to have you back right in my life
Chorus 4 times
Why`d you leave me
Why`d you leave me
On this Christmas
Why`d you have to go
Second verse
See I`m beggin now
Do what I do for you
See I`m so confused
Got me stuck on you
My mama say
Why do I deal wit you
Said I`m a crazy fool
Betta stay away from you
I dissed my family
Just to get next to you
I bought you a cell phone
Can`t even talk to you
All a brotha want for Christmas
Is to have you right back in my life
Repeat chorus 4 tomes
J-boog talking
I mean why
Why`d you have to leave
I put the gifts under the tree
And dissed my family
Baby why
Baby I had the mistletoe under the doorway for you
Why`d you have to go
Please come back
I don`t know what to do
Aww if I had one wish for Christmas
It`d be to have you back in my life
repeat chorus

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