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702 - Fragile people

If you walk a little further down Ladbroke grove
You'll see him on the corner outside the liquor store
He's there Monday to Friday and weekends sometimes, too
And he's nearly you but he's kinda fallen through
He keeps his eyes on the window over number 27
Home to all his memories from home
And it's been ages since she knew him
She pretends that she don't see him
Just like the others do

There's a world full of us
We are fragile people passing through
There's a life chasing us
We are fragile people me and you

Well in Pigalle there's a street where the people meet
And they shuffle on cold feet
Swapping drunken dreams about tomorrow
Walking miles around the corner of their inner thoughts
Feeding from the fantasies they live

Now there's a girl called Marie
She's from Madrid Picasso's kid
She ran away to leave behind the sorrow
And it's come to this she'll sell a kiss
And maybe more but she's really on the low road
And she's sad

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