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Vertaling van: Veldhuis & Kemper - Het Aanzoek

She looks at me
And I know she knows
That I know we're standing
And she looks at me

I lack a first sentence
'Cause she holds my breath
She looks at me, I'm sure
Maybe it's better, but maybe it's not

And I hope she sees it, but she can't find my words
She just keeps standing over there
I'm sure, maybe it's better
But maybe it's not, maybe it's not

This moment feels too familiar
I've been here in my head
She wants a party with testament
In a tent and with a band

I look back at her and she sees what I see
And I see too quick, so I look back at her
'Cause she wants me to propose, I feel her stomach in knots
She pushes in my back, maybe it's better
But maybe it's not, maybe it's not

She sees a queue of much too happy
She wears white that looks very nice
And she wants it black on white
And with everyone there

I look at here and she knows, that I know
That she knows that we're standing, I look at her
I still don't have a first sentence
Against all hers, I look at her

To me no poems recited
I don't want a ring and a pastor
No most beautiful day ever
And no church and no choir

To forever or briefly, between nose and lips
To say and experience that I already belong to her now

Look at us, let's go
We've been here too many times