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Vertaling van: Rob de Nijs - 'n Beetje Meer

Girlfriend of mine, dear girlfriend
They never understand me, when I start that way
Girlfriend, I don't know for sure too
How you should call a female friend

And nobody believes me, but it's surely true
We never had something with each other
Girlfriend of mine, you're always
Just a friend with a little bit more

I was with some people downtown
There was a lady with us, that I kind of liked
We were all sitting on a terrace
I just told her, how nice she was

And then, you suddenly jump on my lap
The table turned, the confusion was big
You started kissing me intence
The beer was in everybody's hair and shoes

Girlfriend of mine, there you were again
Lovely girlfriend with a little bit more
I was covered by you and by beer
That sexy lady wasn't having fun

"Hypocrite! You had nothing with her
You're touching each other all the time"
Girlfriend of mine, you did it again
You told me just that little bit more
But you were the one who did something
When the others just threw me away
I was torn apart, I was so far gone
They thought; he can make it on his own

Of course, someone with so much sadness
That's not a nice company
And then I also heard
"Don't pose, you can take it!"

You put me in bath, you put me in bed
The morning after, you made some coffee
I slept in your arms, one time
Then you were just that little more

What you just don't understand off course, is
That there are friends, and a little bit more
Friends and sometimes a little bit more
And sometimes just a little bit more
For someone else

Love is what you feel for someone else
Who is suddenly so much more for you
That very ordinary suddenly lights up
You'll find your dreams in a face